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Meetings with Roma culture

From the beginning of October we started  the implementation of open classes in kindergartens to bring closer the culture and history of Roma. This short form of work is aimed this time not only for preschoolers themselves, but also their parents! The first meetings took place in kindergartens where teachers participated in the first training cycle, realized in the period January-April 2015. Classes took place already, among others, in Kindergarten No. 89 and 99, in kindergarten Leonardo and point preschool in Kamienna Góra.

During the course the kids and their parents find out where Roma people come from, they have the opportunity to know the legend of King of the Persians and musicians Luri in the form of puppet theater and practice dancing flamenco.

Classes will last until the end of the project in April 2016.

ALL INTERESTED IN IMPLEMENTATION OF KINDERGARTEN CLASSES feel free to contact joanna.marzec@unescocentre.pl

zajęcia otwarte dotyczące kultury romskiej

słuchając opowieści o muzykantach Luri

odnaleźć Indie...nie jest łatwo