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Youth offices of France and Germany – meeting in Berlin



Anne Favre from French organization Inter Exchanges was our translator.

We were invited by our long-known partner Inter Echanges from Lyon for annual conference of Franco-German Youth Office, which took place from 15th to 17th December in Berlin. UNESCO Initatives Centre were represented by Kamila Wierzbicka and Wojtek Frydrych.

We took part in the conference as a partner country. Together with Inter Echanges from Lyon and Arbeit und Leben from Schwerin, Germany we are in the NGO network “Network of the future”. Moreover, in the program of the OFAJ/DFJW there is a special grants for cooperation with third countries.

Last time we organised a lot of projects in Czech Republic and Caucasus. I believe that visiting this conference is a signal that we should foster the cooperation with Germany and France – polish youth is always interested in those destinations – says Kamilam, our PR manager.

Wojtek also underline the fact of cooperation with our western partners. During the time of socio-economic crisis I believe that cooperation with Germany and France is very important, since those countries are leaders of European integration.

During the meeting we presented our offer not only to the NGOs from France and Germany, but also we used to connect with partner organisations from countries like Slovenia, Croatia or Greece. We found few of them interested in non-formal education, oral history and EVS.



With z Anne and Jean Danielem, organizer of the meeting.



With Anne and partners from Slovenia.