Coaching/ career path

The potential of any company lies in its employees. Along with their development and job satisfaction increases the effectiveness of the entire enterprise. Coaching is an interactive process in which we are working together on the use and potential of every employee, manager, president. A feature of coaching is an individual approach to customer needs, to assist in determining goals, ticking paths leading to them and stimulate motivation. We are working on identifying constructive talents and weaknesses. In the whole process we look for desires of the employee, the company’s goals, plans, opportunities, expectations of professional environment. Coaching helps optimize decisions in the context of interpersonal relationships, which are becoming increasingly important also in the work place.

What the coaching is?

It is built on the basis of the questions that the coach asks a client, and the client himself.
It is completely voluntary.
Coach can’t interfere in the decisions of the client.
It stimulates thinking.
It is individual, respects the values and thoughts of the client.
It is focused on what is now and what will be in the future. We are not working on the past and what has already happened can not be undone.
The purpose of coaching is to achieve the objectives, changes are made if the client is self-conscious.


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