Open Space conferences

When people do feel to chat, even in official circumstances? It’s simple – during a cffee breaks. What if to create a conference, which would be a perpetual coffee break, during which the participants could exchange ideas, develop solutions for problems and talk with freedom? To such conclusion was reached American Harrison Owen, creating in 1983 the method of open space. It can be used for groups of 6 to 2,000 participants for the conference lasting from 3 hours to 3 days.

Open space under our care is unconventional, fresh, meeting stimulating thinking and creativity. We recommend this method especially if the group has a lot of experience to share, many topics to discuss, and not enoughtime on the daily basis to do it. An important feature of open space is the fact that the participants at the end are asked to develop a plan for the future, for the implementation of which they are fully responsible.



Open space can help you with:

  • Improvement of communication,
  • Integration of groups,
  • Crisis management,
  • Stimulating creativity and motivation,
  • Meetings with stakeholders and partners

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