Educational programme “Indifference hurts”


Project Indifference Hurts aims to promote a common European history and values by popularising stories of the Righteous Among the Nations and other Helpers – people who risked their lives to save Jews from persecution during World War II.


A team consisting of experts from Germany and Poland prepared an exhibition about the Righteous together with Helpers from German Breslau/Polish Wrocław, which was open for visitors in Edith Stein House in June 2010. It is a travelling exhibition, available in Polish and German (with an English translation). If you are interested in hosting it in your city please contact the Edith Stein Society’s organiser by email: dyrektor[at]edytastein.org.pl.

The exhibition illustrates stories of the Righteous and those who helped and is used in the workshops. It is also available online, which is why we encourage you to visit it virtually yourself and to invite your pupils and participants of your workshops to do likewise. The online version of the exhibition is available at: www.righteous.info.

Educational materials

An international team of educators developed these educational tools – four scenarios of educational modules to be used in teaching about the Righteous and the Silent Heroes in order to promote civil courage, tolerance and democracy in today’s society.

The first workshop scenario, connecting stories of the Righteous with our current reality, was created in 2005 by a group of youth workers from Poland, Germany and Israel within a project initiated by the Edith Stein Society. Over the last five years it has been delivered nearly 50 times in all three countries by youth workers participating in four different editions of the project. The scenarios proposed in this manual are based on those experiences and were developed at two working meetings held in Wrocław between February and April 2010. Trials of the work were organised by experts from educational teams in their local communities. A total of 130 youngsters were reached across ten workshops in the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Germany.

The proposed workshop scenarios can be used both within the school and outside the school environment, for youngsters from 15 – 18 years old. Additionally, they can be easily adapted for older learners. The scenarios can be used with the proposed stories together with “content free” methods with other stories of the Righteous and Helpers. The manual is available in a paper version and online in Polish, German, English, Slovak and Czech.

To acquire a printed copy of this manual please contact the organisers at: dyrektor[at]edytastein.org.pl
An online version is also available at: www.righteous.info.

Partner organisations within the project

Edith Stein Society (coordinating organisation) – www.edytastein.org.pl
UNESCO Initiatives Centre – www.unescocentre.pl
The Polish Righteous – Recalling Forgotten History Program of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Poland – www.jewishmuseum.org.pl, www.sprawiedliwi.org.pl

Silent Heroes Memorial Centre Berlin – www.gedenkstaette-stille-helden.de
ISIS Berlin

Mauthausen concentration camp memorial site – www.mauthausen-memorial.at

Czech Republic
LOS – Liberecka Obcanska Spolecnost – www.losonline.eu

Youth Council of Presov Region, Slovakia – www.rmpk.sk

The Netherlands
Anne Frank House – www.annefrank.org


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