European Voluntary Service – EVS

UNESCO Initiatives Centre is the host, send and coordinating NGO in the program of EVS. We have been accredited in September 2012 by the Foundation for the Development of the Education System – Polish National Agency. We are also in the European database of the EVS (European Voluntary Service).

EVS is an opportunity to gain new experiences during a long stay abroad.  To participate in the project your background, education or degree are not relevant.

With EVS (European Voluntary Service) you can spend a gap year period experiencing the culture of another country, learning the language and realizing ambitious projects. EVS, however, is not a vacation! A volunteer is sent by “sending organizations” from his country to “the host organization” in another country in order to accomplish a specific project, for which the EU has allocated a budget.

Projects and their themes are varied and depend on mission of hosting  NGO and what are the needs of the local community destination.

To learn more about the possibilities of departure, we invite you to zone FAQ or direct contact at e-mail:


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