Youth information

Are you looking for an opportunity to go on volunteering, youth exchange, training? Are you interested in acquiring vocational skills or work abroad? Ask us!

From February 24th we are an official partner of Eurodesk Poland.

What is Eurodesk?

Eurodesk is a program for young people, youth workers and youth organizations, supported – financially and substantially – by the European Commission and the Ministry of Education under the “Youth in Action” program.

Eurodesk is a network operating in 33 European countries. Its membership includes organizations and institutions working with young people involved in European and youth information. The Eurodesk operates more than 1,000 organizations, including more than 80 in Eurodesk Poland.

Eurodesk is information about the opportunities in Europe – for young people and youth workers. Education, training, mobility, mutual funds – are the main areas of interest.

This all gives us access to a very large database, and as a result you have more opportunities to participate in various projects!

The official consultant Eurodesk Poland in UNESCO Initiatives Centre Wojciech Frydrych.

Contact: wojtek.frydrych@unescocentre.pl